CLI reference for garak

garak LLM vulnerability scanner v0.9.0.13 ( ) at 2024-05-10T15:18:18.123569
usage: python -m garak [-h] [--verbose] [--report_prefix REPORT_PREFIX]
                       [--parallel_requests PARALLEL_REQUESTS]
                       [--parallel_attempts PARALLEL_ATTEMPTS] [--seed SEED]
                       [--deprefix] [--eval_threshold EVAL_THRESHOLD]
                       [--generations GENERATIONS] [--config CONFIG]
                       [--model_type MODEL_TYPE] [--model_name MODEL_NAME]
                       [--generator_option_file GENERATOR_OPTION_FILE | --generator_options GENERATOR_OPTIONS]
                       [--probes PROBES]
                       [--probe_option_file PROBE_OPTION_FILE | --probe_options PROBE_OPTIONS | --probe_tags PROBE_TAGS]
                       [--detectors DETECTORS] [--extended_detectors]
                       [--buffs BUFFS] [--taxonomy TAXONOMY]
                       [--plugin_info PLUGIN_INFO] [--list_probes]
                       [--list_detectors] [--list_generators] [--list_buffs]
                       [--list_config] [--version] [--report REPORT]
                       [--interactive] [--generate_autodan] []

LLM safety & security scanning tool

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --verbose, -v         add one or more times to increase verbosity of output
                        during runtime
  --report_prefix REPORT_PREFIX
                        Specify an optional prefix for the report and hit logs
  --narrow_output       give narrow CLI output
  --parallel_requests PARALLEL_REQUESTS
                        How many generator requests to launch in parallel for
                        a given prompt. Ignored for models that support
                        multiple generations per call.
  --parallel_attempts PARALLEL_ATTEMPTS
                        How many probe attempts to launch in parallel.
  --seed SEED, -s SEED  random seed
  --deprefix            remove the prompt from the front of generator output
  --eval_threshold EVAL_THRESHOLD
                        minimum threshold for a successful hit
                        number of generations per prompt
  --config CONFIG       YAML config file for this run
  --model_type MODEL_TYPE, -m MODEL_TYPE
                        module and optionally also class of the generator,
                        e.g. 'huggingface', or 'openai'
  --model_name MODEL_NAME, -n MODEL_NAME
                        name of the model, e.g.
                        path to JSON file containing options to pass to
  --generator_options GENERATOR_OPTIONS
                        options to pass to the generator
  --probes PROBES, -p PROBES
                        list of probe names to use, or 'all' for all
                        path to JSON file containing options to pass to probes
  --probe_options PROBE_OPTIONS
                        options to pass to probes, formatted as a JSON dict
  --probe_tags PROBE_TAGS
                        only include probes with a tag that starts with this
                        value (e.g. owasp:llm01)
  --detectors DETECTORS, -d DETECTORS
                        list of detectors to use, or 'all' for all. Default is
                        to use the probe's suggestion.
  --extended_detectors  If detectors aren't specified on the command line,
                        should we run all detectors? (default is just the
                        primary detector, if given, else everything)
  --buffs BUFFS, -b BUFFS
                        list of buffs to use. Default is none
  --taxonomy TAXONOMY   specify a MISP top-level taxonomy to be used for
                        grouping probes in reporting. e.g. 'avid-effect',
  --plugin_info PLUGIN_INFO
                        show info about one plugin; format as
                        type.plugin.class, e.g. probes.lmrc.Profanity
  --list_probes         list available vulnerability probes
  --list_detectors      list available detectors
  --list_generators     list available generation model interfaces
  --list_buffs          list available buffs/fuzzes
  --list_config         print active config info (and don't scan)
  --version, -V         print version info & exit
  --report REPORT, -r REPORT
                        process garak report into a list of AVID reports
  --interactive, -I     Enter interactive probing mode
  --generate_autodan    generate AutoDAN prompts; requires --prompt_options
                        with JSON containing a prompt and target      Launch garak in mode